With the examples below, replace the XXXX-1 with the product ID you wish to add to the shopping cart.

Continue with a Previous Cart:

If the customer is using the "continue shopping" link in their shopping cart, the value "add" in the URL below will simply add any additional products the customer selects to their existing MyCommerce shopping cart.


Create a New Cart:

This URL will create a new shopping cart for the customer. The value "new" in the URL below will remove any previous product in their shopping cart to display the most recent product selection.


Bundle Offers:

You can continue to create bundle offers for multiple products in one URL. As shown in the example below, you can add multiple product IDs to the URL by separating the products with a "/".


Long Order Form:

Our default purchase links will direct the customer to our short order form; directly to the billing page. If the product is set up with complex pricing, the customer will instead be directed to our Long Order form before being able to continue to the billing page. If you prefer to direct your customer to the Long Order form, where your long product description will be displayed, use the link format below.


Affiliate Links:

Affiliate purchase links can work with any of the links provided above. Just add the affiliate ID on to the URL as a parameter (more information about parameters is below).



You can use parameters to pass additional information in the query string of your order URLs. For example:


Note: When adding the first parameter to the MyCommerce purchase link, the "?" takes the place of the normal "&" prefix. For more information about available parameters, see Order Form Parameters.