With the affiliate certification options, you can apply for and update current site and products certification status.

What is Affiliate Certification?

Fact: Vendor sites and products that are certified will make more affiliate money!

Preventing "leakage" within MyCommerce vendor websites and products is the #1 requirement for a successful affiliate. Affiliate Certification is a program for you to guarantee that your affiliates will receive credit for sales they drive to you by ensuring that your site or products do not contain leakage. Leakage consists of anything that prevents an affiliate from receiving credit for a sale that originated from the affiliate.

You can get Affiliate Certification at both the website and product level. The site certification level means that you use MyCommerce affiliate commerce tracking for all affiliate sales that occur on your site. The product level certification means that your trial downloads use MyCommerce affiliate commerce tracking (see Affiliate Tracking Program). The benefit of certification to your affiliates is to let them know which products are best built for them to receive commission.

Affiliates will be given the opportunity to be notified via a daily email of all sites and products that have been certified on MyCommerce. They will also identify what products and sites are certified by an icon added to the Product Search and Relationships pages of their control panel. All certified products and sites will be identified with an icon and prioritized at the top of every search page.

Site Level and Product Level Certification are separate, so you would need to apply separately for each of them.

Note: Affiliates also have a process to report a vendor's website or product that they see as not being certified. These reports are reviewed and tested by MyCommerce staff. If the certification requirements have not been followed, the certification for that website or product is revoked and the vendor and affiliates are notified via email.

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