The Relationships page is where you can find detailed information about your individual affiliates and complete tasks such as setting an affiliate's status to Active or Disabled. By default, this page will show all of your affiliate relationships, with paging options appearing as needed. You can limit the lists to specific relationships by using the provided search and filter functions.

To review and optionally edit an affiliate's settings, click the affiliate name. The resulting page shows three tabs:

  • General: This includes a few key settings, including Global Commission, which is the commission the affiliate earns on all of your products unless you intentionally override this commission at the product level. Depending on the current affiliation status, there will be options for approving the affiliate or sending a disable notice. To send an email to the affiliate, click Contact, and then compose your message.
  • Products: This shows all of your products that you are currently showing in the affiliate network, along with the commission that the affiliate is earning on each product. To review product settings and optionally change the commission that the affiliate earns on the product, click any of the provided fields (such as Product ID or Name).
  • About: This shows information that the affiliate has provided about itself.