The MyCommerce affiliate network is an opportunity for you as a vendor/publisher to expose your product to more software buyers in more locations, while retaining total control. You can find more information about the network here. Also, an affiliates network summary is available here.

To get started as a vendor participating in the affiliate network, there are a few key tasks that you will need to complete:

  • Add products to the affiliate network. The easiest time to do this is when you're creating the products. Just leave Show This Product in Affiliate Network? selected (as it is by default for new products), and fill out the remaining affiliate settings, which include promotional text and custom images for marketing the product.
  • Set your affiliate policy to be automatic approval (recommended) or manual approval.
  • Set the new affiliate commission.

With the above settings in place, your ongoing management for the affiliate network can be fairly minimal. If you're using manual approval, you'll need to go in and approve or decline applications in a timely manner. If you ever need to change your commission rate globally, rather than for each affiliate one at a time, please note that there is an option for that. Also, you can check on your affiliate sales by using the report at Reports -> Affiliates.

Affiliate Setup Information

This area contains the the main affiliate settings for your account. Information on how to configure Affiliate Setup Information follows.

  • Affiliate Policy: Select one of the following:
    • Automatic Approval (recommended) – With this option selected, every new request to start an affiliate relationship is automatically approved.
    • Manual Approval – With this option selected, you receive a notification when an affiliate relationship is requested, and you have to approve or decline.
    • Reject New Applications – With this option selected, you receive a notification when an affiliate relationship is requested, and you have to approve or decline.
  • Automatic Approval Notifications: When you're using automatic approval, do you want to receive email notifications when relationships are created?
  • New Affiliate Commission: This is the commission that new affiliates will earn for selling your products. (Existing affiliate relationships earn the commission that was in effect when the relationships were established, unless you have made manual changes since then.) In the New Affiliate Commission field, enter either a positive dollar amount (such as $5) or a percentage between 0 and 100 (such as 30%).
  • Affiliate Email: Enter an email address if you would like affiliates to view this for contracting you instead of your contact email address.
  • About Your Company: You can use this space to persuade potential affiliates to sell your products. The information that you enter here describing your company will be available to affiliates who are searching for products to sell.
  • Custom Terms and Conditions: If you have specific terms and conditions that affiliates will need to adhere to in addition to MyCommerce's default terms and conditions, you can enter your information here.