Use the Product Files option to upload and add new download files to be used for your product delivery. Files that you add here will be available for selection when you specify a download for a product (in the Delivery section of product settings).

There are options in this area for adding, editing, and removing product files. Information on how to configure product files follows.

  • Display Name: This is the internal name for the file. It can be the same as the file name, or different if you need something more descriptive for organizing your available downloads.
  • Version: This is an internal version number for the file.
  • File Type: Here you can specify whether this is a regular download or one with special attributes. Your choices are as follows:
    • Regular – For use with the full version download file that is provided to customers after their purchases. Files of this type ("Regular") do not use MyCommerce tracking or SoftwarePassport protections.
    • Affiliate Tracking – For use with a file that has been coded for Affiliate Tracking. Please note that your choice for the “Tracking by name” setting (which appears when you select this option) will determine how you need to code your application for affiliate tracking.
    • SWP Full Protection – For use with a file that has been protected with SoftwarePassport Full.
  • Tracking by name: (Appears when "Affiliate Tracking" is selected.)
    Note: If you did not specifically select this option in SWP-Lite (see Affiliate Tracking), you should not select it here.

    You can code your application to read the referring affiliate's ID from the registry or from the download EXE file name. Select this option if the file that you are uploading here is equipped to read affiliate information from the downloaded file name.

    Note: With this option selected, the name of the downloaded trial file is appended with the ID of the affiliate that referred the download. For example, if the trial name is "abc.exe" and is referred by affiliate (ID = 5300), the downloaded file name will be "abc_r5300.exe". Your application needs to extract the affiliate ID, append it to a buy URL, and make the purchase option (buy URL) available to customers who try out the program.
  • SWP Project ID: (Appears when "SWP Full Protection" is selected.) Enter the Project ID of the SoftwarePassport project that was used to apply the protections.
  • Upload Method: You can use either of these methods for specifying the file to be uploaded:
    • To upload a file that is located on your computer or a network drive, select File, and then use the browse options to locate the file.
    • To upload a file that is hosted on a Web server, select URL, and then enter the URL of the file.