With this feature, you can set up your products to automatically rebill the customer after a specified time frame.

Notes on Subscriptions

  • You can assign subscription profiles to active products in your account.
  • You can assign multiple products to use the same subscription profile.
  • Subscriptions must have a price greater than 0.
  • Every product must have a USD price of $2.00 or greater. The subscription price is in addition to this amount that customers pay for your product at the time of the initial order.
  • Subscription charges do not occur at the time of the initial order. The default behavior is for the first renewal to occur according to what you have set for billing period, but you can choose to have the first renewal occur as soon as one day after the initial order.
  • Customers have two payment options for orders that include subscriptions: Credit Card and PayPal.

Creating Subscription Profiles

To create a subscription profile:

  1. From the Catalog menu, select Subscriptions and click Create Subscription Profile. The New Profile page appears.
  2. How often do you want to bill for this subscription? Make a selection from the Billing Period list.
  3. In the Profile Name field, enter a name that will identify this subscription within your account. The Profile Name is not viewable by customers.
  4. The Subscription Price is in addition to the amount that customers pay for your product at the time of the initial order. Select a currency type, and then enter a price greater than 0.
  5. By default, rebillings will continue until the customer cancels the subscription. To choose that behavior for this subscription, make sure that Infinite (no limit) is selected for Rebilling limit. Otherwise, you also have the option to limit the rebillings to a specific number, or to set a start and end date for the rebillings. If you choose Specific number of rebills or Start/End dates, you will need to fill in additional information for those options.
  6. You can choose to have renewal notification emails sent to your customers before their subscriptions expire. For Send Renewal Notification Before Expiration, select one or more of the desired frequencies (1 day before, 7 days before, 30 days before). The "30 days before" option is available only for billing periods of "Annually" or "Every two years".
  7. In the First Renewal After field, enter the number of days after the initial order when the first renewal should happen. (Enter 1 or greater.) If you leave this field blank, the first renewal will occur according to what you have set for billing period. For example, for a monthly billing period, the first renewal will occur one month after the purchase.
  8. If you want download or license information to be re-run when a renewal order is processed, select the Yes check box for Process Delivery for Rebilling Orders.
  9. By default, all stores will show MyCommerce's terms and conditions for subscriptions. If you have your own terms and conditions that you would like to use for this purpose, enter the URL for your Web page in the Rebilling T&C URL field. Otherwise, to use the default terms and subscriptions, leave this field blank.
  10. For Assigned Products, click Add, and then select the products that you want to assign to this subscription. You can go back to this subscription profile at any time to change the assigned products.
  11. Click Save.