You can use the Order Search feature to assist your customers with various issues concerning their orders, including:

  • Resending order email notifications to the customer.
  • Updating the customer email address for the order.
  • Resetting product download links that have expired or reached their download limit.
  • Rerunning license code delivery for individual items in the order.
  • Refunding the purchase price of the entire order or individual items in the order.
  • Canceling orders that have not yet been paid.

Once you successfully look up an order (as described below), the appropriate options will be available. For example, at the first level when you open up the order details, the available options might include Refund or Cancel (depending on the payment type) and Resend Order. If you then click the ID of one of the order items, you will find options specific to that item, such as Reset Download Link, Resend Item, and Refund Item.  

To look up orders with the Order Search feature:

  • If you know either of the following identifiers, you can run a direct search for the order: order ID or order item ID. Make your selection from the Lookup list, enter the required ID, and then click Lookup.
  • For more general searches than the ones above, use any combination of the search criteria in the lower portion of "Search and Filters", such as filtering by order status, customer details, and a range of order dates. Click Search to run your search.

See also Order Support.