Note: The Theme Gallery offers an alternative to creating order form styles from scratch as you would when adding the styles through Marketing -> Styles -> Add Order Form Style. This approach can give you a head start on the style design, as described below.

To make it easier for vendors to set up their order form styles, we provide a gallery of 12 prebuilt themes—11 for desktop and one for mobile. The themes have previews to help you quickly find the look that you want. Once you select a theme and add it to your order form styles, you can swap out the default header and footer with your own design elements, if desired. The blocks of code for header and footer are available in the Style Editor, so you can easily make tweaks such as changing the header image or adjusting various styles in the CSS.

To use the Theme Gallery:

  1. From the Marketing menu, select Themes, and click Manage Themes. A gallery of desktop and mobile themes appears.
  2. Preview the themes that you are interested in using. Hover your cursor over the theme to see a small preview, or click Preview to see a full-sized version.
  3. To select a theme, click its Select button.
  4. Enter a theme name in the Save it as field.
  5. For the Would you like to setting, do one of the following:
    • If you want to add more themes after this one, leave the default option selected.
    • If you have no more themes to add after this one, select Add the theme and edit with the Theme Manager Editor.
  6. Click Continue. This adds the new theme to the list of available order form styles for your account. You can now edit the default header and footer that came with the theme, as well as other attributes such as opening and closing tags for body text. (For information on configuring the order form style, see this page.)

Notes on Themes and Cross-Sell/Up-Sell Discount Offers

The Cross-Sell Layout setting on the Checkout Settings page does not affect styles built using the Theme Gallery.

Styles based on the following themes always use "inline" placement for offers:

  • MyCommerce Desktop
  • Seafoam
  • Azure
  • Forest
  • Dark

Styles based on the following themes always use "side" placement for offers:

  • Slate
  • Gamer
  • Sleek
  • Orange
  • Light
  • Simple