Use the Link ID option to view details on the usage of the linkid in your order page URL.

Link IDs can be added to any of your order page links. A link ID can be used to track specific URLs for any purpose, such as advertising tracking. The way a Link ID works is by adding parameter ID "linkid=****" to the end of the order page link. For example:****

Whatever is used in place of the **** will be assigned to the link ID field. You will then be able to use the Link ID option to look up orders that included that specific ID, as described here.

To run a Link ID report:

  1. This report will look for link ID orders that occurred during a specific time frame. Use the Start Date and End Date options to set that time frame.
  2. By default, the results columns will not include order dates. If the order dates would be useful for your report (when evaluating a marketing campaign, for example), select the Group by Date check box.
  3. Click Display Results.

If the report returns results:

Link ID orders that matched your report criteria will appear at the bottom of the page, and export options will be available.

To export all of the results as a single file, click the button for the desired format (CSV or XML), and then save the file.

See also Link ID Tracking.