Use the Affiliates option to view affiliate sales and your top affiliates.

This report shows which affiliates in the specified time frame have referred sales for your products. It also shows how much commission they earned. The Referral Source tells you how the affiliate was tracked: Direct/URL or Cookie. The Average Age in Days is the average amount of time from when a cookie was placed on the customer's machine to order completion.

To run an Affiliates report:

  1. This report will look for affiliate sales that occurred during a specific time frame. Use the Start Date and End Date options to set that time frame.
  2. Click Display Results.

If the report returns results:

Affiliate sales that matched your report criteria will appear at the bottom of the page, and export options will be available.

You can now do either of the following:

  • To find more information about an individual affiliate's sales during your specified time frame, click the appropriate Affiliate field.
  • To export all of the results as a single file, click the button for the desired format (CSV or XML), and then save the file.