Use the Relationship option to view and edit your relationships with your vendors.

By default, the Relationship page will show all of your vendor relationships. You can use the Search and Filters options to narrow the range of vendors that are shown, if desired.

To find more information about a vendor, click its Vendor link. The Vendor Detail page for that vendor appears. From here, you can do any of the following:

  • See your Affiliate Status, which indicates whether the vendor has reviewed and accepted your application for a relationship.
  • See your Global Commission, which is what you receive for selling the vendor's product when no per-product overrides apply.
  • Contact the vendor by using the Contact Vendor email option.
  • Retrieve links for selling the vendor's products, as described below.

To retrieve links that you will need for selling the vendors products:

  1. From the list of products shown on the Vendor Detail page, click the Product Name link for the desired product. The Product Detail page for that product appears.
  2. Review the product description (if available) to learn more about the product.
  3. Copy any of the following links that you want to use on your affiliate site for selling the product: Trial Link or Sales Link. These links include your affiliate ID, to ensure you receive credit for referring the sales.
  4. As an alternative to (or in addition to) the Sales Link, several Image Links may be available for you to use (if the vendor supplies them). These links are direct purchase links like the Sales Link, but with the addition of vendor-supplied product images that include Boxshot, Screenshot, and Mobile Icon. You can copy any of these links that you want to use on your affiliate site for selling the product.